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Frequently Asked

How long are your presentations?

They can be as short or as long as you need. From ten minutes to all day – I have spoken and entertained at varying lengths without losing the impact you or your audience desires. 

What is your motivation to speak and help others?

I have always possessed the desire to help others, nurtured in me from helping my mom battle Crohn’s disease. When I got sober in 2017, I started to learn so much about how my mind works that I could not stop myself from going down this path.

How will you help my audience?

The audience has to want to learn, or so it’s been said. I believe everyone wants to achieve the life they’ve desired since they were a kid. I offer experiences from my own life as proof that anything is achievable if you focus your priorities on it. 

Where are you willing or able to speak and present?

I will travel to the moon and back if it means helping just one person see that they are capable of everything they’ve ever desired – if they are willing to work their tail off for it.

What equipment will you need?

• Microphone (preferably wireless)
• Screen and Projector
• LOUD Speakers for sound coming from Keynote Presentation
• Cable connection from laptop to projector
• Cable connection from laptop to room speakers
• I bring my own Mac Laptop