A RELATIONSHIP is not what you talk about doing but what you actually do. Hiking, walking, strolling, dining, trips and day/staycations are just a few ideas. Whichever you choose is better than a majority of your relationships with friends, family and that special someone being centered around the TV or flashy-screened devices. How are you being active in your interactions with those in your inner circle? Regardless of where you live there are amazing places to go experience. Very, very few great stories ever started with, “Once when we were watching TV.” Get outside and breathe, sweat, play – you have to act young to stay young.


Be vulnerable – that’s my best advice here. In addiction I was guarded, dare I say I had the best moat and wall of any human on the planet – LOL. If you desire a true, meaningful emotionally fulfilling relationship with your partner, friends, and family you have to be willing to put aside the ego and come from a place of humility, gratitude, and integrity. It’s not enough to just say you are paying attention – NO, you have to airplane mode the devices, be present in your interactions and actually listen and participate in the moments you have with those closest to you. Yes, vulnerability can be scary but no true growth comes inside one’s comfort zone.


Relationships are about connecting, being a part of something bigger than yourself, and lifting everyone around you with your energy – at least that’s my view 🙂 MENTAL growth in relationships can be in the form of interesting conversations where you don’t always agree with one another, museums, conferences, books, articles – anything that get you out of your comfort zone and into the learning zone. The best relationships – whether a partner, friends or family – are ones that grow through every kind of interaction and, I say this again, staring at a mobile phone is not bonding or communicating.


Picture this, you wake up with enthusiasm for the day – not “morning person” annoying but genuine happiness to be alive. It’s not the easiest attitude to maintain and fake optimism is not any better than actual pessimism. I believe in embracing the negativity the mind, body, and spirit feel throughout life. Allow it to enter, acknowledge it, ask it why it is here and then send it on its way. SPIRITUALITY  in relationships, for me, comes down to the vibration and frequency you provide to those closest to you. Hiking to the top of a mountain to see an amazing view is an amazing way to experience a higher state of consciousness with people you love.