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Lifestyle Architect & Empowerment Coaching

What is coaching with you like?

You know how people give you unsolicited advice and it feels like they aren’t even listening to what you really need, want, and desire? Have you ever poured yourself out to someone just to have them look back at you blankly like they have no idea what to do with what you shared?

Yeah, I’ve felt those things and more, and coaching with me will be the exact opposite. You will leave our sessions with a clearly defined set of outcomes and massive action steps you will take until we meet again – and raise the bar even higher!

*Bonus: informed trauma care and heart-centered healing are signatures of working with me so come with your closet full of skeletons because we’re gonna clear it out! 

I have a therapist, shrink, sponsor, and/or mentor in my life already.

Awesome! I have many of those in my life as well. I believe in building a team around me that exemplifies success in their given area or field. I find it important to evaluate the members of my team to make sure we are on the same page and all working toward the same goal.

As a coach, I bring a non-biased set of eyes and ears into your experiences and with my unique questions and ability to hear what is not being said, I can make sure your self-awareness is firing on all cylinders and you’re blind spots are no longer lost in your peripherals.

Do you guarantee my success?

I guarantee if you keep doing things the way you always have you will keep getting the things you already got. It is up to you to do the work after our sessions. You can’t pay someone else to do your push-ups for you – and my schedule is already full doing my own push-ups.

Our time together is going to be work and the payoff will be a return on your investment in yourself through me like none other.

When and where do we meet?

In-person if we are near one another otherwise Zoom is my favorite communication platform.

As far as when…we coordinate the best time for you so our sessions together are seemless and enjoyable. 

I didn’t say they be comfortable, because I am going to push you outside your comfort zone – but they will be enjoyable, some of the time, I promise.

I want to share openly, how private are these sessions?

I do not have a medical or law degree but I adhere to their patient/client confidentiality rules and ethos.

Whatever you say to me stays with me. I know how important it is for you to be vulnerable and feel safe sharing with me – and we co-create a relationship where you know you are safe in your sharing.

NLP Training &

Certification Course

How will NLP help me?

From my own perspective, I remember being completely overwhelmed at different times in my life, when I simply couldn’t work out a solution and felt really frustrated.
What NLP gave me was a set of tools to at least set out on a path, which eventually revealed the solution.

I believe that we all face recurring challenges, difficulties where we feel stuck and need insight or a new perspective, but without guidance we struggle to get that perspective.

The only time we ever truly transcend a problem is when we get new, fresh thinking about it. In other words, we experience the problem from a different level of consciousness.

 Had I not found NLP I am not sure what my sobriety, my recovery, and my life in general would be – but I can attest that my old way of thinking wasn’t going to get me to where I am today.

Is this useful for my personal life or professional career?

So often people don’t feel fully comfortable in their own skin, feeling that they are caught between ‘a rock and a hard place’ in their life. Each person has their own unique life-blueprint, which tends to follow common patterns. Some examples:

  • Feeling you are not enough, or have some form of imposter syndrome
  • Feeling exhausted along with a belief you must take on life’s burden single-handed. 
  • Feeling disappointed in a key area(s): health, career, relationships, wealth or happiness.

What all these life blueprints share is the idea of conditional love: that we are not intrinsically love-able unless we do something. Sadly, these blueprints are a by-product of growing up in any society because of the lack of emotional intelligence inherent in our combined cultural upbringings. 

People often split their personal and professional lives because of the buzz phrase, “work/life balance. In reality they’re not separate.  When someone resolves their personal issues this is also reflected in huge improvements in their professional issues – and vice versa. 

No matter what I try nothing seems to work!?

Do you ever have a groundhog day ‘here we go again’ type of feeling, then beat yourself up for reacting the same way…again? We’ll cover principles and ideas to answer your questions about why you get into familiar situations or patterns, over, and over, and over again – and help you link these behaviors to your unconscious motivators and values.

The key to not getting hooked on the bait is to understand your own, often subconscious, reactions and the origins of why you behave the ways you do. This level of self-awareness is the power source for you to stop yourself in the moment and choose to behave in a more desirable manner. 

How long is the course? Will I earn a certification?

The course is three hour sessions for 12-weeks. There is an immersion day at the beginning and two immersion days at the end – meaning a full eight hour day.

The two days at the end are when you will take all of the tools, resources, and strategies you have learned over the 12-weeks and coach a partner through blocks they are having in their life. The will also do the same with you.

Once you graduate you will have earned certification as a:

NLP Practioner

NLP Life Coach

NLP Executive Coach

NLP Time Dynamics Practioner

Still not clear on what NLP is?

NLP is amazing AND it is all around you. NLP is based on how the five primary senses, touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell, bring our brains information. That information is then filtered and processed by your brain, in a way that is individualized to you, and from that you create your reality in your head.

NLP teaches you how to experience life differently than you’ve been programmed. This is why it is so effective in helping people overcome trauma, addiction, depression, guilt, and shame (to name a few.)

NLP isn’t magic, though it has been discussed as such. NLP at its root is a series of strategies, tools, and resources that were modeled from people who were able to accomplish great things in every field of study, employment, relationships, and personal growth.

NLP will only change everything…once you embrace it and adopt its principles into your daily life.

I promise. It changed everything for me. I know it can bring you similar results. You merely have to work at it like any other practice you desire to master.


How long are your presentations?

They can be as short or as long as you need. From ten minutes to all day – I have spoken and entertained at varying lengths without losing the impact you or your audience desires. 

What is your motivation to speak and help others?

I have always possessed the desire to help others, nurtured in me from helping my mom battle Crohn’s disease. When I got sober in 2017, I started to learn so much about how my mind works that I could not stop myself from going down this path.

How will you help my audience?

The audience has to want to learn, or so it’s been said. I believe everyone wants to achieve the life they’ve desired since they were a kid. I offer experiences from my own life as proof that anything is achievable if you focus your priorities.

Where are you willing or able to speak and present?

I will travel to the moon and back if it means helping just one person see that they are capable of everything they’ve ever desired – if they are willing to work their tail off for it.

What equipment will you need? (optional/dependent on event)

• Microphone (preferably wireless)
• Screen and Projector
• LOUD Speakers for sound coming from Keynote Presentation
• Cables to laptop to projector
• Cable connection from laptop to room speakers
• I bring my own Mac Laptop


What topics do you cover?

My toolbox is loaded with useful material for your career, self, and relationships. Including but not limited to:

Emotional intelligence and management

Inter and intra-personal communication

Workplace productivity and happiness

Vulnerable connections in relationships

Trauma/anxiety/stress release


What value will you bring to my business?

Everyone has a strategy and you can continue to introduce new ones into your business and workplace from now until the cows come home.

The reasons what you have installed in the past has not shown you the return you have hoped for is because the key ingredient – humans – was not taken into account. No matter what you do, if the X factor, ya know, people, are not empowered by the process your company will not reach the fruition solution.

That’s the forever return on your investment in yourself and your company through me – that you will understand how to tap into the unconscious motivators that fuel the people in your company to push themselves further than they thought they could in order to bring prosperity to themselves and the business as a whole.


Do you only speak at businesses?

I have spoken at business of all shapes and sizes but I go where the thirst for knowledge and action flows. 

  • Motivational seminars
  • Leadership trainings
  • Addiction recovery centers
  • Community center and events
  • Elementary, middle, and highschools: classes/assemblies
  • Church functions

Submit a question and we will develop the most empowering presentation for your event.

What will my attendees leave with?

My favorite thing about my workshops is that each attendee leaves with actionable steps for themselves to take in order to instill the newly gained knowledge into their life right away.

Knowledge isn’t power. The action that comes from the knowledge – that is where the power lies.

What equipment will you need? (optional/dependent on event)

• Microphone (preferably wireless)
• Screen and Projector
• LOUD Speakers for sound coming from Keynote Presentation
• Cables to laptop to projector
• Cable connection from laptop to room speakers
• I bring my own Mac Laptop