Best Argument Ever:
From Conflict to Connection

Discover the blueprint that will guide you toward resolving any conflict in five steps!

Bonus: The 3-step deep-connection formula!

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This books saves marriages!

Jesse has an ability to break down communication in a way that allows me to hear what isn’t being said and really feel into the present moments with my wife. His coaching stopped my marriage from spiraling down beyond where we could saved it. Thank you isn’t enough to say how much you helped us Jesse.

Rob M.

We are flowing at work!

It was not stop in-fighting at the office. Passive-aggressive communication was putting the brakes on projects without me even knowing it. This book gave my team actionable steps so they could actually get to the bottom of the problems they were having. Now we respond rather than react!

Grace Z.

Finally, dinner is fun again!

My kids were non-stop at each others throats. As if high school isn’t tough enough, they’d bring their emotions home, and explode on each other and my husband and I were left refereeing at the dinner table. With Jesse’s book as the blueprint, we got the kids to sit down and talk about what was really upsetting them. Invaluable resource!

Annie D.