3 Mistakes to Avoid to Stay on Track

This keynote address is ready made for your assembly, event, or orientation. Through captivating storytelling I will bring to your audience’s awareness the control they have over their life when they take responsibility for their actions and behaviors.

The 1 Key You Must Have to Succeed

This keynote address skydives into my “open parachute” principle. An open mind flourishes when a growth mindset is consistently nurtured and developed. Few things will determine a person’s outcome more than their ability to know they can grow and learn.

Is Addiction an Avoidable Disease?

The decisions you make today will determine the habits you contend with tomorrow. This keynote address is geared toward self-awareness. Addiction is a disease, it’s been medically proven, but it is avoidable.  I will inspire and motivate the audience to take control of their life through mindfulness and personal responsibility toward the goal of not becoming the addicts of tomorrow.

Your Mind Creates Your Reality

It has been said countless times before but what is exactly meant by, ‘your mind creates your reality’? This presentation will show your audience exactly how their mind creates a reality inside their head and how they can, with simple perspective shifting, adjust their thinking  to create their best life. 

Consistently Connective Communication

This keynote address is focused on how inter and intra-personal communication is at the heart of all perceived failures and successes. Learn the core aspects of communication and how to build instant rapport.

Harnessing Healthy Habits

This keynote address taps into the unconscious mind and brings to your audience’s awareness how their habits create the life they live and how to begin to shape their habits to bring their life’s potential, ambitions, and goals to fruition.

Self-Awareness is Empowerment!

Unconscious motivational drivers steer your life’s journey. The unconscious mind has motivations its is constantly seeking to fulfill. When your audience understands what their motivations are they can better handle the decisions they face knowing exactly why they are compelled to make the choices they do. 

Custom made keynote addresses

Do you have a particular topic that is important to your school, business, organization, etc? Let’s discuss your goals and the outcomes you desire from my speaking event so we can bring to your audience the ultimate in personal growth and transformation today!

My Style


I use humor, wit and keen insight to captivate the audience through storytelling, the sharing of my life experiences everyone can relate to, and strategically placed teaching moments that will leave the audience on their feet and wanting to know more about how they can be actively in control of their life rather than passively reacting to what is happening around them.

My inspirational and motivational “in your face” approach will enthuse your attendees. My ready-made, teachable, and applicable skills will answer the, “how can I do that,” questions so they leave prepared to make their changes.



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