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I once lived life looking through the bottom of a bottle. From the moment alcohol and drugs touched my lips, I knew one day I would have to walk away from them in order to live up to my fullest potential and create my best life. Sound familiar? I bet you thought that too.

Because college is the best place for an addict to hide, I spent 12 years attending three schools, and I’m not a doctor! Every addict has a breaking point, their rock bottom, and mine is no more tragic than the next. Everyday since January 13, 2017, I have pushed myself to grow beyond my perceived limitations in all aspects of my life. I know you’re as capable of this as I am.

Utilizing my personalized systems: “Your Spheres of Life,” “The Four Pillars” “The Five Zones,” “Seven Powerful Principles,”  and so much more, I am figuring out day-by-day how to master my life – and now I teach others how to do this for themselves.

I know you are ready. You have been ready! Stand up. Step forward. Raise your hand. It is your turn. I will call on you!

“Everyday is the best day of my life because I wake up sober.”