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It is Time to Transform into Your Most Empowered Sense of Self!


Everything you desire is on the other side of your Comfort Zone!

Your mind is like a parachute, it works best when it is open.

You can read all the books in the world, join every program around, and attend all the conferences out there, but if you don’t change the way you think nothing will be able to break through the limitations you have placed upon yourself.

Develop your growth-mindset to become your default way of thinking.

Is your Life guided by Love or Fear?

I believe fear is the foundation for everything that holds us back as a species. From fear of failure, to fear of success, and everything in between – Fear exists in you, so harness it! 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to lead your Life with LOVE!

You are NOT stuck, you are standing still.

Everything you desire in life is created by taking action each and everyday. Taking action is a choice. Not taking action is a choice. If it is important enough to you nothing will stop you from prioritizing it in your life.

Connecting to your “Big Why” is your source for your motivation to Take Action!

Details Matter!

True growth is devloped with day-to-day discipline. How you talk to yourself, how you choose to experience your life, how you present yourself to the world – your habits create your identity, and thus your life.

Embrace your discipline and change your micro-habits through self-awareness.

When the rubber meets the road.

Your ability to be flexible, in the face of a world where planning is priceless, yet plans tend to be worthless, will greatly determine the likelihood you continue to push forward.

Exercise flexibility in your thinking, doing, and being. Rigidity can cause even the strongest material to break.

The Wise Mind Empowerment HUB

Grow and Evolve through learning how (to):
…And so much more! This list could go on for about as long as my podcasts run laughing
I love The Tribe!

This is just such a wonderful community to be part of and I feel blessed every day. 

Its beautiful and amazing to watch us all grow and be there for one another.

The support and love is felt 🙏🏻🙌🏼💞

– Karen L.

You know how you’ve purchased self-help: books, courses, PDFs and partially, or maybe even fully, read them, and yet seemingly failed to apply and implement the teachings and  lessons in them?

Perhaps you’ve joined a program(s) just to fizzle out before any real, long-lasting change, or deep understanding has even had the opportunity to root itself and integrate into your life.

Let’s go another step further.  You attend a meeting, workshop, seminar, or conference, and you leave the event feeling fully inspired, motivated, and ready to charge through a wall like a bull running through Pamplona. Then life, outside of the cocoon the event created for you, comes whooshing right back in front and all around you. Wanna know why?

Goodbye self-sabotage and rumination

Jesse, our tribe, and NLP has helped me to better process waves of emotions and/or flashbacks I get regarding past trauma in my life. This has improved my overall well-being as I am more aware of, and better at, processing those emotions as they come instead of succumbing to rumination and self sabotage.

– Lindsay VM.

The main problem can be traced back to your thoughts, feelings, and the emotional state you were in when you decided to buy the self-help material or when you left the event you attended.

Here’s a quick grasp of this, because once you hear it, you will see this result in so many of your previous behaviors and actions that, at the time, didn’t even register as a programmed pattern within you.

Everything is Amazingly Different!

Actual sobriety and actual recovery is effn mind blowing.  Effn mind blowing.  Everything, everyone, every situation, every circumstance, every relationship, every responsibility, every decision…EVERYTHING is different. Thank you Jesse for everything you do and for being a huge part of this!

– Tim J

We all know what it feels like to be truly inspired. In those moments of absolute inspiration our motivation is to the moon and back. Back to the main problem…when we leave that cocoon or life sets in, our brain has left the space of being stimulated by the material and now we are right back to our normal, everyday, thoughts and feelings. 

The key to keeping you inspired, motivated, and ready to climb mountains is using your brains own built in chemistry for habit creation and reward systems circuitry.

The material, events, and even life and work related projects, you have seen through to fruition, have all manipulated this chemistry and circuitry for your benefit – and those things you have left half-finished, if even that far along, have not fired off those same receptors in your brain that previously fueled you toward completion.  

Forever Grateful - #TribeStrong

I found the the sobriety to recovery podcast at a crucial time, when I was on the brink of stopping drinking. The podcast has, in more ways than one, not only changed my life, but the TRIBE has given me a support system I needed in these early stages of my sobriety. The lessons, the conversations, the things I needed to hear, all came with the podcast and the conversations with my tribe members. I’ll always be grateful to Jesse and the tribe for being there for me. I’m happy to say I’m 157 days sober with their help. #tribestrong

– Shane L.

Imagine if you could knowingly experience your brain being rewarded for working on your tasks, to-do’s, and goals!  

Imagine if you could feel the motivation coursing through your veins, knowing your confidence can be called upon anytime you need it to help fire you up.  

Imagine living your life with curiosity and interest, then guiding that energy toward discovering your inner-most passions.

Uncovering your gifts, your fullest potential, your purpose in life, is something you have most certainly thought about over the course of your life.

Imagination & dreams were never meant to be the sole domain of children.

Your imagination is at play every time you have a thought. Until you take the thought, and create it outside of your head, it is just an idea – it’s not tangible.

The doing is what makes it reality… well, at least your version of your subjective reality.

Empower your most authentic self!

“From Sobriety to Recovery,” on Instagram, was my first introduction to Jesse’s programs to empower your most authentic self. Wise Mind Empowerment, NLP, his podcast, and the Tribe are all added bonuses that keep me on track and accountable.

Thank you Jesse, truly, Glow on!

– Krystal B.

I know you are ready to create the life and lifestyle you have dreamed about, thought about – desired for yourself – for as long as you can remember.   

As a child, from the moment you could even grasp what thoughts and feelings are, you began to envision a life you want for yourself. Somewhere along the way things went a different way than you thought and felt they would – and that is both okay and a solution opportunity at the same time. I sincerely believe I am the person to help guide you there because EVERYTHING I talk about, teach on, and openly discuss, I first apply on myself, evaluate the results, and apply, and evaluate on a loop until I achieve my desireable outcome. 

I can assure you…this is an ongoing, never-ending process I embrace every single day. 

I know you’ll join me because you want an All The Way UP Life too…yes, you do, and NOW is the time.


Your show inspires me man!

Thank you so much!! I’m still early in my recovery but I love your podcast. I started late in the show and today I resolved to go and start from the beginning. 😁

Zain Y.

The Wise Mind

Empowerment HUB

It is Time to Transform into Your Most Empowered Sense of Self!